Thursday, January 30, 2020

Gpixel Announces PulSar Technology for VUV/EUV, Soft X-Ray and Electron Direct Imaging

Gpixel announces PulSar (PS) technology, extending the range of all GSENSE BSI sensors to detect vacuum UV (VUV) light, extreme UV (EUV) light and soft x-ray photons with QE approaching 100%. In addition, the technology demonstrates a good resistance to radiation damage in soft x-ray detection applications.

Gpixel’s new PulSar (PS) technology eliminates the AR coating on the BSI sensor surface and incorporates a new passivation technique to reduce the thickness of the non-sensitive layer at the sensor surface, reducing the dark current, and boosting the resistance to radiation damage.

Gpixel is very proud to offer our new technology to address the needs of our scientific customers,” says Wim Wuyts, CCO of Gpixel. “We are excited to have the opportunity to make this technology available across our broad range of large format BSI image sensors, offering our customers the unique combination of VUV/EUV and soft x-ray imaging options using our standard scientific CMOS GSENSE product family. PulSar (PS) variants are electronically compatible with their corresponding standard BSI sensors, allowing customers to quickly and easily accommodate the new sensors in existing designs.

Prototype samples of the GSENSE2020BSI-PS are available now for evaluation, and GSENSE400BSI-PS samples will be available in mid 2020. Other variants available upon request.

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