Wednesday, January 01, 2020

EPFL & Canon Create 1MP SPAD Sensor

EPFL and Canon publish paper "A megapixel time-gated SPAD image sensor for 2D and 3D imaging applications" by Kazuhiro Morimoto, Andrei Ardelean, Ming-Lo Wu, Arin Can Ulku, Ivan Michel Antolovic, Claudio Bruschini, and Edoardo Charbon. The paper also published in OSA Optica.

"We present the first 1Mpixel SPAD camera ever reported. The camera features 3.8ns time gating and 24kfps frame rate; it was fabricated in 180nm CIS technology. Two pixels have been designed with a pitch of 9.4μm in 7T and 5.75T configurations, respectively, achieving a maximum fill factor of 13.4%. The maximum PDP is 27%, median DCR 2.0cps, variation in gating length 120ps, position skew 410ps, and rise/fall time less than 550ps, all FWHM at 3.3V of excess bias. The sensor was used to capture 2D/3D scenes over 2m with an LSB of 5.4mm and a precision better than 7.8mm. Extended dynamic range is demonstrated in dual exposure operation mode. Spatially overlapped multi-object detection is experimentally demonstrated in single-photon time-gated ToF for the first time."

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  1. Congrats Edoardo and team on reaching 1Mpixel! Definitely a milestone for SPADs.
    This paper answers your question from the 2007 IISW!

    In the meantime, QIS is getting faster, and SPADs are gaining resolution. Either way, photon-counting imaging is the future. It is a fun time to be in the pixel business!


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