Wednesday, January 01, 2020

EPFL & Canon Create 1MP SPAD Sensor

EPFL and Canon publish paper "A megapixel time-gated SPAD image sensor for 2D and 3D imaging applications" by Kazuhiro Morimoto, Andrei Ardelean, Ming-Lo Wu, Arin Can Ulku, Ivan Michel Antolovic, Claudio Bruschini, and Edoardo Charbon.

"We present the first 1Mpixel SPAD camera ever reported. The camera features 3.8ns time gating and 24kfps frame rate; it was fabricated in 180nm CIS technology. Two pixels have been designed with a pitch of 9.4μm in 7T and 5.75T configurations, respectively, achieving a maximum fill factor of 13.4%. The maximum PDP is 27%, median DCR 2.0cps, variation in gating length 120ps, position skew 410ps, and rise/fall time less than 550ps, all FWHM at 3.3V of excess bias. The sensor was used to capture 2D/3D scenes over 2m with an LSB of 5.4mm and a precision better than 7.8mm. Extended dynamic range is demonstrated in dual exposure operation mode. Spatially overlapped multi-object detection is experimentally demonstrated in single-photon time-gated ToF for the first time."

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  1. Congrats Edoardo and team on reaching 1Mpixel! Definitely a milestone for SPADs.
    This paper answers your question from the 2007 IISW!

    In the meantime, QIS is getting faster, and SPADs are gaining resolution. Either way, photon-counting imaging is the future. It is a fun time to be in the pixel business!


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