Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Multispectral Cameras in 3D Imaging

Fraunhofer and University Ilmenau SPIE paper "Single-frame three-dimensional imaging using spectral-coded patterns and multispectral snapshot cameras" by Chen Zhang, Anika Brahm, Andreas Breitbarth, Maik Rosenberger, and Gunther Notni extends structured light 3D concept to multispectral imaging:

"We present an approach for single-frame three-dimensional (3-D) imaging using multiwavelength array projection and a stereo vision setup of two multispectral snapshot cameras. Thus a sequence of aperiodic fringe patterns at different wavelengths can be projected and detected simultaneously. For the 3-D reconstruction, a computational procedure for pattern extraction from multispectral images, denoising of multispectral image data, and stereo matching is developed. In addition, a proof-of-concept is provided with experimental measurement results, showing the validity and potential of the proposed approach."

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