Wednesday, January 08, 2020

More LiDAR News: Velodyne $100 LiDAR, XenomatiX Partners with Marelli

BusinessWire: Velodyne introduces $199 Velabit, Velodyne’s smallest LiDAR which "delivers the same technology and performance found on Velodyne’s full suite of state-of-the-art sensors and will be the catalyst for creating endless possibilities for new applications in a variety of industries."

The Velabit democratizes lidar with its ultra-small form factor and its sensor pricing targeted at $100 in high-volume production, making 3D lidar available for all safety-critical applications,” said Anand Gopalan, CEO, Velodyne Lidar. “Its combination of performance, size and price position the Velabit to drive a quantum leap in the number of lidar-powered applications. The sensor delivers what the industry has been seeking: a breakthrough innovation that can jump-start a new era of autonomous solutions on a global scale.

Velabit’s features:
  • Integrated processing in a compact size of 2.4” x 2.4” x 1.38” – smaller than a deck of playing cards – to be easily embedded in a wide range of solutions.
  • Range up to 100 meters.
  • 60-deg horizontal FoV x 10-deg vertical FOV.
  • Highly configurable to support a range of applications.
  • Class 1 eye-safe 903nm laser.
  • Bottom connector with cable length options.
  • Multiple manufacturing sources scheduled to be available for qualified production projects.

PRNewswire: Marelli and XenomatiX enter into a technical and commercial development agreement in the autonomous driving field.

"Marelli is a leading automotive supplier with the right competencies to develop modular LiDAR solutions fulfilling different Automotive OEM needs, integrating them into larger systems, based on the True Solid State LiDAR technology we designed for the automotive market," states Filip Geuens, CEO of XenomatiX. "Marelli`s long-standing experience in the automotive field and with the 3D sensors is key to this partnership."

Marelli introduces the Smart Corner, a solution integrating sensors for autonomous driving within vehicle headlamps and tail lamps, while maintaining attractive styling and world-class lighting performance:

PRNewswire: Carnavicom, a South Korean automotive supplier, presents its new LiDAR that has achieved an average of a 26% decrease in costs thanks to local procurement of parts and key components such as brushless direct current motor (BLDC), laser diode (LD) and avalanche photodiode (APD). Such efforts have enabled LiDAR sensors to be more affordable to integrate into other LiDAR products and applications.

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