Thursday, January 23, 2020

SmartSens Announces SmartClarity H Series

PRNewswire: SmartSens launches six new sensors as part of the SmartClarity H Series family. The SC8238H, SC5238H, SC4210H, SC4238H, SC2210H, and SC2310H sensors have resolutions in range of 2MP to 8MP and are said to provide a significant improvement over previous generation products in lowering dark current and reducing white pixels and temperature noise suitable to use in home surveillance and other video based applications.

"Overheating and high temperature has been the culprit that creates bottlenecks to excellent CIS image quality, especially in the field of non-stop running security applications. As the leader in Security CIS sensors, we've always set our sight in tackling this issue. As we see the improvements from our high-performing CIS technologies," noted Chris Yiu, CMO of SmartSens, "We're reaching the level comparable to other top-notch industry leaders."

Samples of these six products are now available.

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