Saturday, January 18, 2020

Event-Based News: Prophesee, Inivation, Samsung

EETimes publishes Junko Yoshida's interview with Luka Verre, Prophesee CEO. Few quotes:

"The commercial product we have is a VGA sensor. It’s in mass production. We are currently deploying shipping for industrial applications.

We have a new sensor generation, which is an HD sensor, so one million pixels, 720p. This is the result of joint cooperation we have done with Sony, which will be published at ISEC [ISSCC, probably] in February in San Francisco.

There has been some research work done together with Sony. Yes, Sony is indeed interested in event-based technology, but unfortunately I cannot tell you more than that. One of the main challenges we have been solving, moving from the VGA sensor to the HD sensor is the capability now to stack the sensor, to use a very advanced technology node that enables us to reduce the pixel pitch. So to make actually the sensor much smaller and cost-effective.

Automotive remains one of the key verticals we are targeting, because our technology, event-based technology, shows clear benefit in that space with respect to low latency detection, low data rate and high dynamic range.

...we did some tests in some controlled environments with one of the largest OEMs in Europe, and we compared side by side the frame-based sensor with an event-based sensor, showing that, while the frame-based camera system was failing evening in fusion with a radar system, our system was actually capable to detect pedestrians in both daylight conditions and night light conditions.

iniVation wins Best of Innovation award from the CES 2020 in the category ‘Embedded Vision’.

The award is for the company's newest product, the DVXplorer that uses an all-new custom-designed sensor from Samsung. DVXplorer is said to be the world’s first neuromorphic camera employing technologies suitable for mass-production applications.

Thanks to TL for the link!

Samsung's Hyunsurk Eric Ryu presented their event driven pixels at the 2nd International Workshop on Event-based Vision and Smart Cameras:

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