Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Ams Establishes Consumer Imaging Center of Excellence in Rochester, NY

ams is establishing an imaging center of excellence producing state-of-the-art consumer image sensors and product validation to support key US customers from the Riverwood Tech Campus in Rochester, New York, USA.

Rochester is the perfect choice for ams to expand its research and development in the trans-formative fields of consumer imaging and photonics, to create design innovations that make an impact on our world. We look forward to collaborating with institutions such as the NYS American Institute for Manufacturing for Integrated Photonics, and renowned local universities and institutes,” said David Sackett, Senior R&D Director, Consumer Image Sensors at ams and the site manager.


  1. Is this AMS taking over or hiring folks from ex-OnSemi (or ex-Kodak) team? setting up an image sensor team? But those folks were specializing in industrial/commercial applications and not consumer from previous work?

  2. The State of New York was offering various incentives for companies to relocate or open a branch in Rochester. I guess this is why AMS opened a branch there. Certainly there are or were a lot of good people around. We considered relocating Gigajot to Rochester for a while but in the end went to Pasadena CA. The incentives, on deeper investigation weren't quite as good as they were advertised to be and there was maybe some scandal around that NY State program as I recall, although not associated directly with Rochester.


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