Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Yet Another Auto-Generated Image Sensor Paper

MDPI publishes a paper "Human Body-Related Disease Diagnosis Systems Using CMOS Image Sensors: A Systematic Review" by Suparshya Babu Sukhavasi, Susrutha Babu Sukhavasi, Khaled Elleithy, Shakour Abuzneid, and Abdelrahman Elleithy from University of Bridgeport, CT, and William Paterson University, NJ. This time, the authors are pretty open about the process of the paper creation:

"This systematic review used PRISMA workflow for study selection methodology, and the parameter-based evaluation is performed on disease diagnosis systems related to the human body’s organs. The corresponding CIS models used in systems are mapped organ-wise, and the data collected over the last decade are tabulated."

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