Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Toshiba Announces New CCD

BusinessWire: Toshiba reminds that CCDs are still alive with the new linear CCD announcement. The company launches TCD2726DG, a lens reduction type CCD linear image sensor that achieves high-speed scanning for A3 multifunction printers. Shipments of engineering samples have started on March 16.

There is growing demand for A3 multifunction printers with higher scanning speeds. TCD2726DG meets the demand by improving the performance with a faster operating clock rate: a 100MHz (50MHz x 2ch) data rate, against the 70MHz (35MHz x 2ch) data rate of Toshiba’s current sensor.

To prevent increased electromagnetic interference (EMI), a negative side effect of a faster clock rate, the new sensor incorporates a timing generator circuit and has a lower CCD driver pin count. This reduces EMI- and timing-adjustment work for customers, and the number of peripheral parts, contributing to easier system development.

Key Features:
  • 100MHz (50MHz x 2ch) data rate, CCD linear image sensor
  • Built-in Timing Generator circuit and CCD driver, facilitating system development
  • Low power consumption: 10V power supply voltage for amplifier circuit lowered to 3.3V (10V power supply is used partially. Dual power supply of 3.3V and 10V.)

A company video explains the differentiation of the new CCD:

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