Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Senseeker Engineering Acquires SE-IR Corporation

ROIC company Senseeker Engineering acquired SE-IR Corporation, a cryogenic test equipment and electronics developer. The combination of Senseeker's digital ROIC and SE-IR's industry standard test Dewars and electronics is a highly complementary amalgam that will enable FPA makers to expedite their development and evaluation process.

The terms of the acquisition are undisclosed. Both Senseeker and SE-IR were privately held companies prior to the acquisition and Senseeker remains a 100% privately held company after this transaction. SE-IR's business and products are being integrated as seamlessly as possible into the Senseeker organization. The SEIR brand name shall be retained for Senseeker's product line of electronics and cryogenic equipment and modified as Senseeker Engineering Infrared.

"Senseeker builds solutions that help our customers create higher performance sensors and get them into production faster," said Kenton Veeder, President at Senseeker Engineering. "Our continued commitment not to sell infrared FPAs is aligned with SE-IR, who has been a strong ecosystem partner to Senseeker and the infrared community for many years. Together we accelerate our customers' capabilities through expanded stand-alone and combined solutions incorporating integrated circuits, Dewars, electronics and software. We will heighten our customers technology and bring their solutions to market faster."

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