Thursday, March 04, 2021

Report: Price of 13MP Mobile Sensors Falls to $1.55 quotes MoneyDJ Nikkei report that mobile CIS sensor prices decline for the last 3 quarters. Specifically, 13MP sensors wholesale price declined by 3% to $1.55.

Other than Huawei sanctions, the reason for decline is said to be the attempts to reduce the price of 5G phones by simplifying camera modules.

Another version of this report appears on OFweek site:

"[Samsung and Sony start a price war: CMOS image sensor prices have fallen for three consecutive quarters]

According to the news on March 2nd, according to the Nikkei Shimbun’s report on the same day, the block transaction price of CMOS image sensors from January to March dropped by about 3% from October to December 2020. Recently, the two giants in the field of CMOS image sensor, Samsung and Sony, have become more and more fierce in the price war, and the price of CMOS image sensor has fallen for three consecutive quarters.

At present, among the many products of CMOS image sensors, the representative product is 13 million pixels (sensor size 1/3 inch). Prices for the quarter (October-December 2020) fell by 3%."

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