Friday, March 05, 2021

TSR: Market Share Gap Between Sony and Samsung to Shrink to 10% in 2021

BusinessKorea, Korean media quote an interesting data from the recent TSR market report:
  • In 2020, Sony market share was 45.1%, while Samsung's - 19.8%
  • The 2020 gap has shrunk by 5.1-5.2% in comparison with 2019
  • TSR expects this gap to shrink further to 10% in 2021
  • The global image sensor market is forecasted to increase by 22.1% from $20.4B this year to $24.9B in 2024
  • BusinessKorea: The global image sensor market is forecasted to increase by 11.4% annually from $17.9B this year to $24.8B in 2024
  • Goodix has emerged as a major image sensor market player with a share of 3.6% in 2020


  1. SONY's CEO has said that CIS is the last bastion of Japanese semiconductor industry. It seems that this bastion is being shaked by Korean and Chinese companies.

  2. Is this by volume or revenue? If volume, not surprising perhaps. Although its still tough to believe the gap down to 10% and coming from someone like TSR. If you start including ToF sensors into image sensors, Sony should be widening the gap if anything in next 2 years


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