Saturday, March 06, 2021

Vision Research Unveils 76,000fps @ 1MP Camera

Ametek Vision Research introduces the Phantom TMX Series, its first high-speed cameras that use BSI sensors to achieve up to 75 Gpx/sec speed and improve light sensitivity. 

The Phantom TMX Series consists of two models, TMX 7510 and TMX 6410. TMX 7510 achieves 76,000 fps at full 1MP resolution of 1280 x 800, over 300,000 fps at 1280 x 192 resolution, and over 770,000 fps at smaller resolutions. With the export-controlled FAST option, TMX 7510 reaches a 1.75 Million fps and 95ns minimum exposure time, eliminating motion blur.

We’re excited to introduce this new class of high-speed performance to the market,” says Jay Stepleton, VP and GM of Vision Research. “In bringing BSI technology to high-speed applications in a new, cutting-edge sensor, we continue to advance high-speed capabilities through innovation. We designed the TMX cameras for speed, to support the very high frame rate requirements we see in many new and cutting-edge applications.

Thanks to TL for the pointer!


  1. Is the claimed frame rate and resolution at 12-bit? Probably not, but not that it's needed either...

    1. 75Gpix at 12bit mean 112GB/s. Must be also a challenge to move this into RAM... fastest ddr4 modules have about 1/5th of this according to

  2. Congratulations to everyone involved! That's pretty fast!

  3. Congratulations to Forza forks!


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