Thursday, March 18, 2021

Quantum Dot Galore

SID Display Week 2021 has a special session devoted to quantum dot imagers:
  • 66.1 - High Resolution Quantum Dot Global Shutter Imagers
    Jonathan Steckel, Eric Mazaleyrat, Krysten Rochereau - ST Microelectronics Grenoble France
    Andras Pattantyus-Abraham - ST Microelectronics Santa Clara CA US
    Emmanuel Josse - ST Microelectronics Crolles France
    QD imagers cover visible to SWIR wavelengths at high resolution, high efficiency, and low dark currents.   They promise to significantly increase the now small SWIR-imaging market by means of 100-1000X lower prices.  Market opportunities include mobile devices, single point spectrometry, hyperspectral imaging, machine vision, and advanced driver assistance systems.
  • 66.2 - Invited Paper: QD-Based Sensors for Infrared Imaging
    Pawel Malinowski, Jiwon Lee, Epimitheas Georgitzikis, Vladimir Pejovic, Itai Lieberman, TungHuei Ke, Yunlong Li, Tom Verschooten, Steven Thijs, David Cheyns
    imec Leuven Belgium
    Quantum dot absorbers promise efficient photodetector components with sensitivity peak tunability. We describe monolithic integration of quantum dot stacks into infrared imagers with pixel pitch smaller than 2 um and sensitivity in the short-wavelength infrared (SWIR). This approach enables very high pixel densities leading to compact and accessible infrared camera systems.
  • 66.3 - Invited Paper: Colloidal QD Photodetectors for Large Format NIR, SWIR, and Extended SWIR Sensor Arrays
    Ethan Klem, Christopher Gregory, Jeffery Hilton
    SWIR Vision Systems Durham NC US
    An overview of our approach to fabricating QD focal plane arrays, will describe recent results achieving Vis-SWIR and extended wavelength SWIR sensitivity with spectral response from 350 nm to 2100 nm at HDTV resolutions of 1920x1080.  Imaging demonstrations of these sensors in a variety of applications are presented.
  • 66.4 - Invited Paper: Graphene Enhanced QD Image Sensor Technology
    Tapani Ryhänen - Emberion CTO Espoo Finland
    Mark Allen - Emberion Director Cambridge United Kingdom
    Alexander Bessonov - Emberion Chief Scientist Cambridge United Kingdom
    Combining colloidal quantum dots and graphene along with optimization of the measurement principles using CMOS read-out integrated-circuits according to the requirements of these nanomaterials achieves imaging devices with photoresponse from 400 nm to 2100 nm, having low noise at high frame rates.
  • 66.5 - Invited Paper: Colloidal Quantum Dots: A Material Platform for Highly Sensitive Photodetectors and High Quantum Efficiency Light Emitters in the SWIR
    Gerasimos Konstantatos
    ICFO Castelldefels Spain
    High performance SWIR photodetectors are achieved based on the synergism of colloidal quantum dots and 2D materials, including graphene and TMD semiconductors.  Also high efficiency infrared QD-LEDs with high radiance and exceptional stability were developed.  Finally measured tunable stimulated emission at high gains paves the way towards infrared QD lasers.
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  1. The first paper on the list is a surprise to me (I expected Imec and SWIR vision systems for example, being known pioneers/active drivers in this area): ST presents a Quantum dot global shutter imager? This could be the real start of SWIR image sensing in high volume!


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