Monday, July 05, 2021

22 Theorems and 43 Lemmas about Pixel Conversion Gain paper "A novel approach to photon transfer conversion gain estimation" by Aaron Hendrickson, apparently from Johns Hopkins University,  spans across 122 pages and has a lot mathematical statements, including 22 theorems, 43 lemmas, and 17 corollaries. All this is said to be necessary to calculate a conversion gain of CCD sensor with non-uniform pixels.

"Nonuniformities in the imaging characteristics of modern image sensors are a primary factor in the push to develop a pixel-level generalization of the photon transfer characterization method. In this paper, we seek to develop a body of theoretical results leading toward a comprehensive approach for tackling the biggest obstacle in the way of this goal: a means of pixel-level conversion gain estimation. This is accomplished by developing an estimator for the reciprocal-difference of normal variances and then using this to construct a novel estimator of the conversion gain. The first two moments of this estimator are derived and used to construct exact and approximate confidence intervals for its absolute relative bias and absolute coefficient of variation, respectively. A means of approximating and computing optimal sample sizes are also discussed and used to demonstrate the process of pixel-level conversion gain estimation for a real image sensor."


  1. Sexy! Thanks for sharing

  2. After reading the paper, I felt I never truly understood what CG really is ...


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