Friday, July 16, 2021

MagikEye Announces Invertible Light Technology Development Kit

BusinessWire: Structured light 3D sensing company Magik Eye announces its latest Invertible Light Technology (ILT) development kits. “With its high speed, low latency and superior surface visibility at near ranges, developers will now have a great new tool for object detection, guidance and gesture recognition. We are excited that developers can now explore optimal use cases for applications such as robotics that are truly effective for near-range applications and easy to use,” said Takeo Miyazawa, Founder & CEO of MagikEye.

The ILT Development Kit (DK-ILT001) combines a simple IR laser projector with a standard CMOS image sensor to achieve 3D imaging at more than 600 fps, or up to 120 FPS with a simple Raspberry Pi host. With ILT’s proprietary algorithm, DK-ILT001 is able to accurately measure the position and shape of a target with ultra-low processing overhead.

DK-ILT001 will be released as an entry-level module for easy evaluation of fast, accurate and responsive 3D sensing technology as well as for enable new software applications development.


  1. their contact form doesn't work...

  2. does anyone know what image sensor they use?


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