Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Ams Releases NanEyeM Module

ams OSRAM has first announced NanEyeM camera module for single-use medical endoscopy almost 3 years ago. Over the past time, the company "made a few packaging changes to the module for improved robustness." Now ams fully releases NanEyeM to production. The small dimensions of 1.0 mm x 1.0 mm x 2.7 mm allow the module to be used in the smallest of areas.

Thanks to its space-saving size, the NanEyeM is made for use in areas of severe size restrictions, which includes single-use applications in bronchoscopy, urological endoscopy or endoscopic procedures in the kidney,” says Dina Aguiar, Marketing Manager at ams OSRAM. “The combination with the requisite high image quality makes the camera module a unique and attractive solution for the fast growing disposable endoscope market.

The module uses a so-called "chip on tip" approach. Here, the image sensor and the optics are placed at the tip of the device (distal end). This results in significantly better image quality than when the camera module is located at the other, proximal end. The NanEyeM offers a fully integrated imaging module with a wafer level multi-element optics. It was specifically designed for optimal performance at close range distances. The lens combines a wide FoV with an extended depth of field (EDOF), reducing distortions and delivering a sharp and accurate image. The camera has LVDS interface to transmit over long lengths of cable without loss of signal integrity. NanEyeM boasts a frame rate of up to 49 fps, while maintaining low power consumption. 

NanEyeM is the second generation of the NanEye2D from ams OSRAM. The camera module has been released to production and is available for ordering.

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