Thursday, July 29, 2021

IDTechEx Forecasts Event-Based Sensor Sales of $20M in 10 Years from Now

PRNewswire: IDTechEx analyst Matt Dyson says: "IDTechEx forecast the market for the event-based vision sensor chips alone rising from its primarily pre-revenue status today to $20 million per year over the next 10 years. Furthermore, much of the value is likely to be captured by the software facilitated by event-based vision hardware, leading to a much greater total market."

Regarding the potential markets and applications, IDTechEx thinks: "Event-based vision is highly relevant to recording rapidly changing situations that require immediate data processing (since the volume of data produced is much less). Applications that require high temporal resolution or high dynamic range are especially relevant.

IDTechEx, therefore, perceives the most promising applications as collision avoidance and navigation for autonomous vehicles/ADAS and unmanned aerial vehicles (drones). These markets have huge potential but will require substantial software development and data collection to fully interpret the event-based vision data. As such, IDTechEx believes that smaller markets with much more predictable input data, such as iris-tracking for AR/VR goggles and laser beam profiling, will see the earliest adoption of event-based vision."


  1. Quite a different magnitude from if i understand the first slide there correctly, they predict 9% of 4B - so 360M market volume for event based sensors in 2030. 20M prediction here seems to be really low, right? I mean Prophesee alone has >100 people at the moment...

  2. So I guess the truth is in the middle - but do we calculate the middle as arithmetic mean, geometric mean or smth else entirely?

    1. It will be very interesting to check back in 2030 - I have set a reminder in my calender, lets see if this appears on jul 30 2030 9am ;-) hopefully I'll still sit here and work on this interesting topic.


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