Saturday, July 17, 2021

Smartsens News: Star Light Sensor Series, Mobile Market Debut, AI Family Improvements

Smartsens unveils SC850SL, a 4K-resolution image sensor in a new Star Light (SL) Series product lineup for high-end night vision cameras.

The 8MP SC850SL features stack BSI and rolling shutter process and offers 15% sensitivity improvement over "its type on the market." Also, compared with similar products in the industry, the SC850SL leverages SmartSens’ ultra-low noise reading circuit design to reduce the RN and FPN by 69% and 59% respectively. Additionally, with SmartSens’ 2nd Gen NIR+ Technology, the QE of the SC850SL is boosted up by 55% at 850 nm and 80% at 940 nm in comparison with the previous generation NIR+ technology, respectively. Furthermore, the sensor supports both the Staggered HDR with up to 100 dB dynamic range and PixGain HDR without HDR combination artifacts. Additional features include enhanced SNR and higher image quality under high temperature conditions.

Currently, SC850SL is sampling and is expected to begin mass production in September 2021.

Smartsens also enters low-end smartphone image sensor sensor market with 2MP products. The SC201CS comes in a 1/5.1-inch optical format at a pixel size of 1.75 μm, in two versions—SC201CS-mono and SC201-color. The SC201CS FPN and the read noise are as low as 0.43e- rms and 1.5e- rms respectively. Also, the SC201CS delivers 35e-/s dark current and 87 ppm white pixel at 60°C and thus adapts well under high temperatures.

The company intends to expand its mobile phone image sensor lineup in future.

Smartsens announces upgrades its Advanced Imaging (AI) image sensor family: the SC230AI, SC430AI, and its third 3K-resolution CIS SC530AI in the AI Series to include performance upgrade technology SmartClarity-2. These three products target an assortment of 2MP to 5MP surveillance applications.

SmartClarity-2 leverages SFCPixel technology, PixGain technology, NIR+ technology and low noise reading circuit design to offer increased sensitivity and reduce the readout noise level by 21%. SmartSens NIR+ technology boosts QE of SC230AI to 36% at 850nm and 21% at 940nm.

SmartClarity-2 provides up to 50% higher FWC compared with the mainstream sensors of its type. Each sensor is developed in a package that is Pin2Pin compatible with the previous generation and makes it an easy upgrade for customers.

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