Tuesday, July 27, 2021

ON Semi Announces 16MP Global Shutter Sensor for Machine Vision Applications

BusinessWire: ON Semiconductor expands its XGS series of CMOS sensors. The XGS 16000 is a 16MP global shutter sensor for factory automation applications including robotics and inspection systems. Consuming 1W at 65fps, the XGS 16000 is said to be one of the best in class for power consumption, among 29 x 29 mm sensors.

The XGS 16000 shares a common architecture and footprint with other XGS CMOS image sensors. This enables manufacturers to use a single camera design to develop products in different resolutions. 

The XGS 16000 is designed in a unique 1:1 square aspect ratio, which helps maximize the image capture area within the optical circle of the camera lens and ensure optimal light sensitivity. 

ON Semi offers color and mono versions of the XGS 16000 X-Cube and X-Celerator developer kits.


  1. What's the lead time?!? Onsemi seems to be very much under water these days...

  2. Check with you local sales representative for the latest and the greatest on XGS!

    1. In other words : solve your own problems.

  3. Lead times do depend on a number of parameters and there is no single, easy answer to give. Feel free to get in touch via danny.scheffer@onsemi.com.


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