Saturday, July 10, 2021

AT&S Makes Miniature Package for AMS

AT&S shows its miniature package for AMS Naneye:

"The image sensor not only creates sharp images due to its 100,000-pixel resolution, but it also has low power consumption thanks to our smart connection architecture,” says Markus Maier, Global Account Manager at AT&S. AT&S developed the PCB for the sensor, while the sensor itself was built by ams OSRAM.

The interconnect design was implemented using ECP (Embedded Component Packaging) technology. ECP enables both active and passive components to be integrated into laminate-based substrates, i.e. in a minimum of space. “Instead of placing the components on the PCB, they are integrated into the PCB. They ‘disappear’ inside the PCB,” Maier says.

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  1. I guess the WLP will be soldered on top of this "interposer". But what is the purpose?


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