Saturday, September 25, 2021

Open Letter from Junichi Nakamura, New President of the International Image Sensor Society

Open Letter from the New President

Dear all,

This time, I was elected as a new President of International Image Sensor Society (IISS) by the IISS Board of Directors at the Board meeting just after the 2021 International Image Sensor Workshop (IISW) closure. It is my great pleasure and honor to serve as President of IISS and I will try my best to improve services of IISS/IISW.

As was mentioned at the very beginning of the 2021 IISW by Johannes Solhusvik, the General Chair of the 2021 IISW, the key concept of the IISW is to provide an opportunity to exchange the latest progress in image sensor and related R&D activities to the top image sensor technologists in the world in an informal atmosphere. This concept was conceived by Eric Fossum, the Founder of this series of workshop, at the very first workshop in 1986 (named “IEEE Workshop on CCDs”), and has been realized and enhanced by the three former Presidents of IISS, Eric, Nobukazu Teranishi and Albert. This will be kept in the future workshop.

With the retirement of Eric, Nobu and Albert from the Board, the Board of Directors has invited three very strong image sensor technologists to the Board, namely, Boyd Fowler (OmniVision, USA), Robert Henderson (University of Edinburgh, UK) and Yusuke Oike (Sony, Japan). Please join me in welcoming them to the Board of IISS.

Finally, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the three Co-Founders/former Presidents of IISS for their enthusiasm to “bring the imaging community to a higher level”. The IISS Directors will inherit this spirit. I hope Eric, Nobu and Albert can continue giving us any suggestions and insights as members of the newly established Governance Advisory Committee.

Best regards,

Junichi Nakamura
President of IISS
CTO of Brillnics Inc.


  1. I've had such a wonderful time at all the IISW I got to participate in over the decades! Starting I think in New Jersey with one of the early CCD workshops, continuing in 1997 with the Foveon progenitor Pulsed bipolar CMOS imager ( Eric, Nobu, and Albert made this whole workshop lively and interactive despite the industry-heavy mixture of many different cultures and top-loaded with hard-core engineer types; they made it fun! I remember poker games in Tahoe and Snowbird, hiking in the Rockies and Bavarian Alps, mountain biking through salt mines, and many many many great shop talks with the participants. Thank you! My photo collection of a tiny snapshot of all this action is at

    The new team will continue evolving this great workshop. Many thanks to them for already taking on a big load of helping to organize IISW the last few years. I'm so much looking forward to the next real event!

    1. Thank you for sharing the pics, I am even on one of them ;-) Unfortunately, I could only attend in 2015 but I have very nice memories from that event (OK, maybe I should forget that I sang karaoke, which was a bad idea...;-)


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