Friday, September 24, 2021

Open Letter from Albert Theuwissen


Dear all,

Yesterday (Thursday 23/09/2021) the International Image Sensor Workshop 2021 came to an end. Immediately after the workshop closure we had a meeting with the Board of Directors of the International Image Sensor Society. In that meeting Eric Fossum, Nobukazu Teranishi and Albert Theuwissen (the three co-founders of IISS) announced their retirement from the Board. The retired members will set up a Government Advisory Committee (without any voting rights anymore), but they will be no longer directly involved in the organization of the IISW.

If I speak for myself : it was a great honour and even a greater pleasure for me to work for and to work with Eric, Nobu and all other Board members. This is a group of people that constantly tries to bring the imaging community to a higher level. Imaging has given and still gives me a lot of joy, motivation, strength in my professional live and last but not least also in my private life it brought us a nice piece of bread on our table. So for me it was very normal to give something back to our imaging community by means of my activities in IISS.

Over the years I learned a lot from my involvement in IISS, about how to work with various cultures, how to work with world-level top-experts in the field and how to work with individuals that all have a strong character (otherwise they would not have climbed up to the level where they now are). And very often the cooperation with my Board colleagues put myself in front of the mirror which led to some self-reflection.

I wish IISS and all Board members all the best in the coming future. It is now up to the next generation to manage IISS and I am more than confident that the next generation will succeed. But if needed, they always can count on me for advice.

Best regards from Belgium.

Albert, former president of IISS.



  1. You might ask "why did the 3 co-founders all retire at once?"
    This is for several reasons:
    First, I have been doing this for 35 years starting with the 1986 IEEE Workshop on CCDs which eventually became IISS and IISW. So I was thinking that was long enough. (We 3 then split off from IEEE and co-founded IISS and IISW in 2007).
    Second, we felt that Board turnover was a positive, healthy thing for any organization and decided to set an example for the next generation.
    Third, and perhaps most importantly, we grew a very strong and capable Board of Directors, twelve of the community's best from around the world and we feel quite confident in their ability to lead and adapt while maintaining the values and vision of ISSS and IISW as a society that is driven only to serve our community, and a workshop where real information and thoughts are exchanged among the world's best image sensor technologists. We don't want to be IEDM or ISSCC. That is not the goal. We just want to be the world's best image sensor technology meeting and help to continuously elevate and strengthen our community through IISW. IISS is a non-profit, public benefit company for image sensor education. All funds stay inside IISS and all our Directors and conference organizers are volunteers.
    It has been a great pleasure and privilege to work with Albert and Nobu and our other Board members.
    Best regards from the State of New Hampshire (Live Free or Die),
    Eric, a more former president of IISS.

  2. I have asked Albert but is there a way to find if you guys are giving talks in and around the California region? Much appreciated.

    1. It would be great to form a team Eric-Nobu-Albert and travel around the globe to give technical talks to promote the digital imaging technology.

  3. You guys did awesome job coordinating the whole thing for so many years.

  4. Definitely, thank you so much for the time and efforts you invested in making this workshop such a unique event for our community!


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