Friday, September 03, 2021

Era of 2.2V Supply Coming?

It appears that Samsung starts to use 2.2V supply in its new pixel designs:

"By reducing a pixel power supply voltage (Vpix), power consumption for pixel was reduced, but full-well capacity (FWC) was also decreased. However, by lowering the conversion gain (CG) and applying a negative voltage to the ground (NGND) of the pixel, FWC of 6000 e- was achieved without any degradation of both charge transfer lags and backflow noise. In addition, the signal linearity in the reduced analog-to-digital (ADC) range was improved by optimizing the source follower (SF). For dark performances, white spots and dark current worsened by NGND were significantly improved by forcing more negative voltage to the transfer gate (TG) when it was turned off."

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