Thursday, September 02, 2021

Samsung Announces 50MP 1um Pixel Sensor with All-Direction PDAF

BusinessWireSamsung introduces the ISOCELL GN5, the first image sensor to adopt all-directional focusing Dual Pixel Pro technology with two photodiodes in a single 1.0μm pixel.

The ISOCELL GN5 is the industry’s first 1.0μm image sensor to integrate Dual Pixel Pro, an all-directional autofocusing technology. This technology places two photodiodes, the smallest in the industry, within each 1.0μm pixel of the sensor either horizontally or vertically to recognize pattern changes in all directions. With one million phase-detecting multi-directional photodiodes covering all areas of the sensor, the ISOCELL GN5’s autofocusing becomes instantaneous, enabling sharper images in either bright or low-lit environments.

The image sensor also makes use of Samsung’s proprietary pixel technology, which applies Front Deep Trench Isolation (FDTI) on a Dual Pixel product for the first time in the industry. Despite the microscopic photodiode size, FDTI enables each photodiode to absorb and hold more light information, improving the photodiodes’ FWC and decreasing crosstalk within the pixel.

Samples of GN5 are currently available.


  1. Awesome technology! Is it possible to access the raw pixel value for both dual pixels?

  2. We've seen Samsung's deep learning reconstruction in phones and it isn't very good in low light high frequency patterns, it ends up corrupting and blurring. Wonder how limiting this reliance on AI remosaicing hurts them.


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