Thursday, September 16, 2021

Silicon Integrated Presents 5um BSI Pixel iToF Sensor, Expects dToF Product till the Year End

Laoyaoba, EET-China, Sohu: Silicon Integrated, also known as Wuhan Juxin Microelectronics and Polycore Microelectronics, presents SIF2610, a VGA iToF sensor based on 5um BSI pixel. This is the company's 2nd generation product with improved resolution, depth accuracy, and ambient light tolerance. Silicon Integrated emphasizes that the sensor is based on its own self-developed IP and know-how accumulated over the years of ToF experience.

"As ToF products with VGA-level resolution have gradually become the security standard for face payment, PolyCore has brought SIF2610, an excellent performance iToF product, to the industry, which will provide services such as 3D face recognition, smart door locks, interactive perception, Applications such as VSLAM have brought a better user experience," Juxin Microelectronics co-founder and CMO Kong Fanxiao said. "We will also launch high-resolution dToF products based on the 3D stacking process within this year to help the application of 3D sensing in AR/VR and automotive lidar applications."

In August 2021, Silicon Integrated completed a series C financing of hundreds of millions of yuan. It includes a strategic investment from the three major mobile phone brands.

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