Saturday, September 11, 2021

IISW 2021 Teaser: Unravelling the Paradox of Intensity-Dependent Event-Based Sensor Noise

ETH Zurich team publishes a video summary of their 2021 International Image Sensor Workshop paper “Unravelling the paradox of intensity-dependent DVS noise,” by R. Graca and T. Delbruck.

One still has a few days left to register for the Workshop that starts on September 20, with all papers available on-line a week before that.


  1. I think it was posted before, Tobi Delbruck is the son of nobel price winner Max Delbruck. A lot of interesting characters in the family, Drlbruck scattering is named after another guy, there is also a lactobacillus delbrucki...

  2. Nothing paradoxical to be found. Just basic analysis...


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