Saturday, October 09, 2021

Artilux Cooperates with Conti on Ge-on-Si SWIR LiDAR, Announces 12-inch Wafer Production Readiness

Artilux announces that "through collaborations with industry-leading customer such as Continental, Artilux will play a key role in delivering affordable ADAS and self-driving systems that operate at SWIR spectrum to provide safe sensing, imaging, and ranging applications from neighborhoods to highways."

The company also announces "the world’s first single-chip CMOS-based GeSi imager for a compact dual-mode (2D/3D) SWIR (Shortwave Infrared) sensing & imaging system. The high-resolution GeSi imager is fabricated at TSMC 12-inch CMOS production line, and is ready for commercialization at scale, enabling an ever-growing ecosystem to mark the beginning of SWIR sensing and imaging for consumer markets.

Artilux’s GeSi imager meets the expectation from stakeholders in the ecosystem for achieving compact form-factor, low power consumption, safety (lead-free), cost-competitiveness and mass production-ready."

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