Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Sheba Microsystems Introduces a Pixel-shift Technology for Smartphones

BusinessWire: Sheba Microsystems releases ShebaSR, said to be the world’s first miniature actuator that can improve the resolution of smartphone camera images by up to 9 times.

Image sensors for mobile phones are much smaller than professional cameras. The actuator needs to reliably shift the image sensor by sub-micron increments. The electromagnetic actuators that can work for DSLR and mirrorless cameras are too bulky to fit in the tight spaces of mobile devices and they lack the speed and accuracy to provide more than 4x the image resolution. Therefore, integrating pixel-shift technology remained difficult – until now.

By leveraging its expertise in the MEMS actuation field, Sheba today is bringing a new DSLR camera feature, long desired by smartphone camera users, into the smartphone world. ShebaSR™ can precisely shift the image sensor by a distance equal to 1/3 that of a pixel, with a repeatability of <20 nm, and an extremely high-speed response; making it not only match but surpass the most advanced DSLR pixel shifting capability using only simple super resolution algorithms.” said Faez Ba-Tis, CEO of Sheba Microsystems. “This technology is ready for market entry as the actuator’s fabrication process has been already scaled up for mass production at a prominent MEMS foundry, the MEMS driver is readily available in the market, and it has been qualified for the standard reliability tests of smartphones.

ShebaSR is also remarkably rugged. The product can be subjected to shocks, drops, tumbles, as well as temperature and humidity fluctuations without deterioration in performance.

Sheba publishes a demo of its technology:

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