Friday, October 08, 2021

Masterclass on New Developments In CMOS Image Sensors

Albert Theuwissen gives a "Masterclass on Developments In CMOS Image Sensors Since IS Europe 2021 Online" on October 14, 2021. 

The world of CMOS image sensors is changing at a pace that we never have seen before.  New applications, new technologies, new features are constantly added to the large portfolio of CMOS devices that are out in the market.  In this way the performance as well as the possibilities of the devices is constantly improved.

During Image Sensors Europe 2019 and 2020 conference, a masterclass was organised around the recent developments in the CIS world and due to the popular demand of them, Albert Theuwissen and Smithers will re-run the 3 hour online masterclass to review the year and report on the latest developments.

Several subjects will be discussed : small pixels, new colour filters, new ToF image sensors, new stacked devices, global shutter devices, high-dynamic range techniques, etc.  Some topics that are not yet announced at the moment of writing this abstract will be included as well, because one can be sure: further developments of the CIS technology will not stop on a short notice!  Still exiting times are ahead for the imaging engineers and the imaging community.

A lookback of the developments over the last 12 months will be given, including critical comments on the published papers and data-sheets.  In many cases the information made available to the general public contains a lot of rubbish and data that makes no sense.  The speaker will analyse the figures and numbers published and will compare them to data available from other companies.  A real, unbiased benchmark of performance data will be given in the workshop.

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