Saturday, October 30, 2021

Yole on Mobile CIS Market

Yole Developpement publishes "Smartphone flagship battle from sensors to modules to image quality - Webcast"

China seems to become an image sensor land: 3 out of 10 largest semiconductor companies are designing image sensors, while SMIC, the 4th company, manufactures them:


  1. Can someone comment on one of CIS applications in the last slide -- computing?

    1. Webcams, laptop cameras, Windows Hello, videoconferencing... Possibly, tablet cameras too.

    2. Yes Computing includes tablet cameras too, both front and rear. The big pick up in 2020 is obvioulsly due to excelent end-system sales in the covid-19 context, doubled by increasing camera content in all sub segments. For exemple Apple added a "lidar" camera in 2020 on the ipad pro version in 2020. Pierre Cambou, Yole Développement


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