Saturday, October 02, 2021

Quantum Dot/Graphene Detectors Reviews

IOP NanoExpress publishes Kansas University paper "Quantum dots/graphene nanohybrids photodetectors: progress and perspective" by Judy Wu and Maogang Gong.

"Semiconductor quantum dots/graphene heterostructure nanohybrids combine the advantages of the enhanced light–matter interaction and spectral tunability of quantum dots (QDs) and high charge mobility in graphene as a charge transport pathway, providing a unique platform for exploration of photodetectors with high performance. In particular, the QDs/graphene nanohybrids allow resolution to the critical issue of charge transport in QDs-only photodetectors stemming from the low charge mobility associated with both QD surface defect states and inter-QD junctions. Furthermore, the achieved capability in industrial-scale fabrication of graphene and colloidal QDs has motivated efforts in research of QDs/graphene nanohybrids focal plane arrays that are expected to be not only high performance and low cost, but also light-weight, flexible and wearable. This paper aims to highlight recent progress made in the research and development of QDs/graphene nanohybrid photodetectors and discuss the challenges remained towards their commercial applications."

Wiley Advanced Science publishes a paper "Integration of Colloidal Quantum Dots with Photonic Structures for Optoelectronic and Optical Devices" by Mengyu Chen, Lihua Lu, Hui Yu, Cheng Li, and Ni Zhao from Xiamen University, Institute of Xiamen, and Chinese University of Hong Kong.

"In this review, the recent advances in this research area are summarized. In particular, the use of four typical photonic structures, namely, diffraction gratings, resonance cavities, plasmonic structures, and photonic crystals, in modulating the light absorption (e.g., for solar cells and photodetectors) or light emission (e.g., for color converters, lasers, and light emitting diodes) properties of QD-based devices is discussed. A brief overview of QD-based passive devices for on-chip photonic circuit integration is also presented to provide a holistic view on future opportunities for QD/photonic structure-integrated optoelectronic systems."

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