Monday, October 25, 2021

Sigmaintell: CIS Prices Go Down

Science and Technology Materials quotes Sigmaintell China CIS market price tracker predicting 5-7% price decline in Q4 2021:

"At the beginning of 21Q4, the CIS inventory level continues to rise, but there is no significant increase in demand. The specific analysis is as follows: on the supply side, affected by the decline in demand, the supply of low- and medium- pixel capacity is reduced, and the inventory is prioritized. The new capacity of high pixel products continues to increase in 21Q4. On the demand side, the demand for smartphones has been reduced, and the demand for CIS stocking has been continuously reduced. In summary , the overall pixel supply-demand relationship in October shows an oversupply situation. According to the latest survey data from Sigmaintell in October, the prices of low pixel products have begun to loosen up, and the prices of 48M+ pixel products have continued to fall."


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