Wednesday, October 06, 2021

ON Semi Unveils 8.3MP Sensor with 140dB eHDR

BusinessWire: Onsemi announces a 1/1.7 inch 8.3 MP CMOS sensor with rolling shutter and embedded HDR (eHDR) technology. The AR0821CS delivers 4K video with 8.3 MP resolution at 60 fps while it is said to consume very low power. The sensor includes a 2.1 µm DR−Pix BSI pixel with high WE as well as on-chip HDR (eHDR) technology that is said to deliver best-in-class dynamic range in excess of 140 dB.

The AR0821CS is supported by the AP1302 co-processor and by ISP and SoC devices from onsemi technology partners. The AR0821CS is in production now.


  1. curious about eHDR too , beside the linear mode, would it be a non linear mode ?

  2. 120 dB, 135 dB, 140 dB...
    Does it make sense to race for decibels if the optics hold about 100 dB?

    "Modern High Dynamic Range (HDR) sensors boast impressive dynamic ranges of 120 dB or more, but when a lens is placed in front of a sensor, flare light (stray light reflected between lens elements and off the lens barrel) limits the system (camera) dynamic range to 100 dB or less." (C)

    1. It really depends on the lens design and the scene. Not all the lens the same.

  3. Single photodiode per pixel? Staggered HDR ? dual gain ?
    Which power consumption ?


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