Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Smartsens Improves its AI Sensor Series

CoreIntelligence (Google translation): SmartSens keeps a high pace of incremental improvements and launches three new 4MP image sensors in AI series (AI stands for Advanced Imaging) for security applications-SC400AI, SC401AI, and SC433:

"The performance has been significantly improved compared with the previous generation products. It is equipped with Smartsens' innovative SFCPixel patented technology, which can achieve excellent night vision full-color imaging effects.

In addition, thanks to the PixGain dual-pixel conversion gain technology, SC401AI improves the image quality while further expanding the applicability of terminal products. As a product of the same specification as SC401AI, SC400AI has a frame rate of up to 60fps and can support 30fps dynamic line overlap HDR (Staggered HDR) image output, which provides customers with more choices while imaging performance is upgraded.

Compared with the previous generation products, the full well electrons of SC400AI and SC401AI have increased by 48.6%, the dynamic range has increased by 3dB, and the QE (quantum efficiency) in the 520nm band has increased by 42%."

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