Saturday, November 06, 2021

David Stoppa and Matteo Perenzoni to Lead Sony Technology Center in Italy

As reported earlier, Sony opens a new Technology Development Center in Trento, Italy. The LinkedIn records reveal that leaders of the new center are SPAD experts David Stoppa and Matteo Perenzoni:


  1. Strong tandem ! Good choice of Sony, David and Matteo know each other very well, very talented engineers and very nice people to work with. I had them both as speakers in the Harvest Imaging Forum a few years ago. But now that they work for Sony that will most probably never happen again in the future.
    Wishing David and Matteo a lot of success and even more fun in their new job.

    1. So kind from your side, Albert!
      It's been such an honour to speak at Harvest Imaging Forum that I never thought it could happen twice...
      Thank you

  2. Many thanks Albert for your kind words, we're very excited to start this new adventure!

    By the way, to all the great talents out there who are passionate about Image Sensors: the golden team is rapidly growing but not done yet. If you are interested please contact us by submitting your resume to

    PS: about having the honour to be again a speaker at Harvest Imaging Forum, never say never...

  3. One thing that is really cool about this blog is that somehow unites the "image sensor enthusiast" community. I'm quite sure most of the experts around the globe follow this page quite regularly. Thanks a lot Vladimir for the hours you put into distilling the news for us!


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