Thursday, November 25, 2021

Large Format 288MP Global Shutter Sensor

Korea-based company Syncron presents its first CIS product - 288MP sensor with 3.5um global shutter pixels. Syncron started a long time ago as a spin-off from Kodak Korea and specializes in high-speed and high-resolution industrial digital cameras. The company has been in machine vision camera distribution business, and the new DCS288M sensor appears to be its first CIS product.

Thanks to TL for the link!


  1. I guess "tps65isc" refers to this table: So this seems to be a sensor based on a foundry process/ip offering of TPSCo. Just as a curious outsider of this world, assume i want to build my private image sensor what would I do? How deep is the offering of ip blocks this time? maybe not just for image sensor, in general. How high is the hurdle to design a IC and have it produced in 2021 in terms of electronics detail knowhow, time and money investment in order to have a custom chip? I assume it is still way more complicated than to "assemble" 3rd party IP cores like lets say in a FPGA design. If I would have the knowhow to design/assemble the design, how much would I have to invest in terms of money and time before i would have my private chip on my desk? (i promise will not do it ;-) just for curiosity)

    1. You can ask these guys for quotation if you want to assemble your own sensor from blocks:

  2. <3e- dark noise is impressive for a global shutter sensor at 3.5um pixel pitch. Probably using charge domain global shutter instead of voltage domain global shutter (which is more commonly used)?

  3. The throughput should be 48Gbps instead of 48GB/s...


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