Tuesday, November 02, 2021

ON Semi on 1.1um Pixel Spatial Resolution Measurements

ON Semi presents at Conference: Electronic Imaging 2018, Burlingame, CA, "Characterization of Image Sensor Resolution by Single Pixel illumination" by Victor Lenchenkov, Orit Skorka, Robert Gravelle, Ulrich Boettiger, and Radu Ispasoiu. Few slides:

"Illumination single 1.1 um pixel provide information for image sensor PSF and MTF and can be used for image processing and simulation calibration. Measurements PSF across image plane could result in image correction as function of image height."

One can see that microlens layer gives quite a marginal MTF improvement in 1.1um pixel measurements:


  1. Electronic Imaging 2018? Old news? The upcoming Electronic Imaging conference in 2022 didn't announce the program yet.

    1. Yes. However, the presentation has been published in October 2021. The date on the ppt file is recent too.

  2. The diameter of a diffraction limited spot can be calculated as FWHM=Wavelength/2/NA. For a lens with NA=0.26 this means about 1.1µm at 550nm and 1.3µm at 650nm. And that's just for the central peak of a periodic sinc function. In my experience it is everything but simple and inexpensive to really illuminate only one single pixel below 2µm size, especially when there is a cover glass in the way.


  3. Yes, while technique seems simple but you can get kernels for deconvolution across array as function of image height. Plus evaluation of the spot size is given in the ,ost conservative way while actual size have to sclaed down by wavelength/effective index of pixel stack material - it is ~1.5X smaller


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