Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Sony Automotive Sensor Explained

 Lucid Vision Labs publish an explanatory video about Sony IMX490 5.4MP automotive sensor:

Lucid Vision Labs also publishes a measured EMVA1288 performance of the sensor:


  1. Is this split pixel patented by some company, or it is a quite general technique now? Since several companies present their products by using the same solution.

  2. Why low gain small sub-pixel outputs the brightest image while high gain large sub-pixel outs the darkest one?

    1. large pixel is used to improve the sensitivity at low light condition, and small pixel is used to improve the dynamic range at high light condition. Of course small pixel is also used to capture the LED.

    2. Yes. I mean simultaneous exposure is used here and I think large pixel means larger sensing area, then, large pixel should output brighter image. but it's not the case in the video. Start from 2:50.


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