Monday, November 15, 2021

Himax Reports Top-Tier Design Win for its Low Power Sensor

GlobeNewswire: Himax quarterly earning release updates about its WiseEye ultra-low power image sensing solution:

"Himax is pleased to report that the design-win with a top-tier name for a mainstream application that it indicated earlier is on track to enter into mass production in Q4. Equally important, the number of awarded projects is growing quickly, covering a broad range of applications, including notebook, home appliances, utility meter, automotive, battery-powered surveillance camera, panoramic video conferencing, and medical, just to name a few. Some applications are already slated for mass production at the end of this year. In addition to consumer electronics players who aim to add AI capability to their products, within just one year since Himax started sampling, Company’s WiseEye solution has also drawn much attention from cloud service providers who look for secure and low-power edge AI devices to help collect big data for their cloud-based services."

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