Monday, November 29, 2021

SWIR Quantum Dot Triodes

Nature paper "Silicon: quantum dot photovoltage triodes" by Wen Zhou, Li Zheng, Zhijun Ning, Xinhong Cheng, Fang Wang, Kaimin Xu, Rui Xu, Zhongyu Liu, Man Luo, Weida Hu, Huijun Guo, Wenjia Zhou & Yuehui Yu from Chinese Academy of Sciences and ShanghaiTech University presents a concept of 1550nm photodetector with internal gain:

"Silicon is widespread in modern electronics, but its electronic bandgap prevents the detection of infrared radiation at wavelengths above 1,100 nanometers, which limits its applications in multiple fields such as night vision, health monitoring and space navigation systems. It is therefore of interest to integrate silicon with infrared-sensitive materials to broaden its detection wavelength. Here we demonstrate a photovoltage triode that can use silicon as the emitter but is also sensitive to infrared spectra owing to the heterointegrated quantum dot light absorber. The photovoltage generated at the quantum dot base region, attracting holes from silicon, leads to high responsivity (exceeding 410 A·W−1 with Vbias of −1.5 V), and a widely self-tunable spectral response. Our device has the maximal specific detectivity (4.73 × 1013 Jones with Vbias of −0.4 V) at 1,550 nm among the infrared sensitized silicon detectors, which opens a new path towards infrared and visible imaging in one chip with silicon technology compatibility."

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