Friday, November 12, 2021

Gigajot CTO Gets EDS Early Career Award

IEEE Electron Design Society presents 2021 Early Career Award to Gigajon CTO and co-founder Jiaju Ma:

Jiaju Ma is a pioneering inventor and entrepreneur in the field of CMOS image sensor and Quanta Image Sensor. Ma is the co-inventor and designer of the first CMOS image sensor pixel devices with deep sub-electron read noise that enables photon counting and photon-number resolution without using electron multiplication, generally referred to as a Quanta Image Sensor (QIS). 

The low-noise photon-counting pixel device that Ma co-invented and developed is being commercialized at Gigajot Technology (Pasadena, CA), a startup co-founded by Ma. Because of its superior low-light imaging capability, high resolution and high dynamic range performance, this technology is considered an enabling technology for advanced scientific, space, and defense applications.

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  1. Congratulations Jiaju Ma!

    It is nice to see imaging win one of these EDS awards.


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