Wednesday, November 10, 2021

SWIR Sensor Startup Trieye Raises $74M, Total $96M in 4 Years

EETimes-Europe, i-Micronews, PRNewsWire: Israeli CMOS-based SWIR sensor sturtup Trieye raises $74M in a new financing round rringing its total raised capital to $96M in 4 years. The new investment will be used to commercialize SEDAR (Spectrum-Enhanced Detection And Ranging) sensor for ADAS and AV. SEDAR generates a 3D point cloud using pulsed illumination methodology.

SWIR is unique in that, from a physics standpoint, most materials exhibit their spectral differences primarily in the SWIR range – in other words, SWIR cameras can sense the differences between various materials and make them visible,” says Avi Bakal, CEO and co-founder of TriEye. “This is because every material has a unique spectral response, or signature, defined by its chemical composition and physical characteristics, impacting how wavelengths are absorbed or reflected. By comparing the relative reflection of light between different materials in carefully chosen spectral bands, a distinction between materials is easily revealed. Simply put, SWIR reveals critical sensing information which simply does not exist in other wavelengths.


  1. What is the detector material?

    1. If you search for trieye the likely answer is Germanium:

    2. That is a recent patent. Based on older patents and publications they are using silicon Schottky photodetectors.


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