Thursday, November 25, 2021

Samsung to Adopt CSP for Low Resolution Sensors

TheElec: Samsung is to use chip-scale packaging (CSP) to reduce the cost of its low resolution image sensors starting 2022, according to TheElec sources. Currently, Samsung uses chip on board (COB) approach for all sensors.

CSP is done at the wafer level, unlike COB, resulting in increased productivity and lower assembly clean room requirements. 

The downside of CSP can only be done in lower resolution image sensors. Most higher resolution image sensors are manufactured with COB. TheElec sources say that CSP can support up to 2MP resolution at as of now.


  1. I am quite surprised Samsung uses COB. Aren't the most image sensors (including Samsung) packaged in custom made packages rather than COB?

  2. COB is chip on board, meaning wire bonding.
    It's what is used for all (most) camera modules as in mobile.
    So most sensor are used with COB


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