Friday, April 23, 2010

100Mfps-fast Averaging CCD Paper

Free-access Sensors Journal published a paper proposing a very fast CCD sensor. The proposed CCD uses in-pixel 100-200 memory storage cells to achieve up to 100Mfps speed and is able to accumulate the signal to improve SNR:

Etoh, Takeharu Goji; Son, Dao Vu Truong; Akino, Toshiaki Koike; Akino, Toshiro; Nishi, Kenji; Kureta, Masatoshi; Arai, Masatoshi. 2010. "Ultra-High-Speed Image Signal Accumulation Sensor." Sensors 10, no. 4: 4100-4113.

(via Electrones and Holes blog)


  1. I cannot understand or can't find out why it's on CCD not CMOS Image sensor. I mean that... Could tell me why do you need to use CCD to get High-Speed frame rate performance? Is it to improve SNR, isn't it??

  2. The CCDs are used to store charge packets for each frame. It is faster to transfer charge to local CCD memory than to read values through column lines. Every pixel has local CCD memory. It looks like there is also accumulation in charge domain.


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