Saturday, April 24, 2010

Qualtre Promises to Solve Gyro's Slow Drift Problem

PR Newswire, EETimes: Qualtre is developing a solid-state multi-axis MEMS gyroscopes digital camera image stabilization, among other things. Commercially available MEMS gyroscopes serving these applications have delicate moving mass structures vibrating at low frequencies of 5-50KHz, making them susceptible to bias drift over time, temperature and vibration. Qualtre gyroscopes operate at high frequency (2-10MHz) bulk acoustic modes to provide superior mechanical signal amplification with excellent bias stability over an extended temperature range.

If Qualtre really delivers a product with greatly reduced drift over time, it would be a major improvement in long exposure image stabilization. So far the gyro's slow drift is the main reason that still image stabilization is less than perfect at 1-2s exposures.

Founded in 2008, Qualtre is a venture-backed company founded by Dr. Farrokh Ayazi from Georgia Tech's Integrated MEMS Laboratory. The company just announced that it has completed an $8M Series B round of financing, bringing the total funds raised to $13M. Matrix Partners and Pilot House Ventures participated both A and B investment rounds with no new investor joined.

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