Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Canesta Features in NY Times

As Electrons and Holes blog mentions, NY Times has an article on Canesta 11-year history. The article is accompanied by two video demos showing gaiming and TV remote control applications.

Over the years, Canesta has raised about $60M. Quanta and Honda are among the investors. Quanta expects to sell laptops with 3D camera later this year. Canesta hopes to piggyback on the exploding interest in the technology and pop low-cost chips into every device it can.


  1. All these stories are crazy and it looks like the situation of Wall Street before the crisis !

    Who dares to use such device with a 200mW CW laser inside !

  2. 60M investment. Come on.

  3. where the products ?
    All the buzz .... :(

  4. From colleagues that have worked with the Primesense camera, I am hearing that this is a real step forward in gesture tracking, well ahead of any TOF camera that is available today.

    Can anyone confirm this?

  5. This is what I've heard too. The fact that Microsoft and, reportedly, Sony bet on Primesense for their gesture recognition says for itself.

    However, TOF game is not over yet. The next generation TOF cameras aim to overperform Primesense.

  6. Sony using a Primesense camera? For what? In Playstation? This is new to me.
    Can someone provide a link to the story?

  7. Not for Playstation. The rumor is that Sony might use it for gesture control in its TVs. Like any rumor, it's not officially confirmed.


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