Sunday, April 25, 2010

2010 Vertically Integrated Pixel Sensors Workshop Materials On-Line

Electrons and Holes blog posted the link to the materials presented at Workshop on Vertically Integrated Pixel Sensors - VIPS 2010, held on April 22-24, 2010 in Pavia, Italy. While the workshop mostly concentrates of radiation and particle detectors, it has few presentations showing interesting current and future works coming from 3D integration:

IMEC slides show 3D integration roadmap:

If/when 1 TSV per group of pixels approach is adapted, it would completely redefine the speed and noise trade-offs in the future sensors. The image processing pipeline might be lagging though.

Another slide presents IMEC work on crosstalk reduction in BSI sensors:

Yet another IMEC slide talks about backside passivation trade-offs:

Fraunhofer Instutute together with Berlin University presented quite impressive photos of wafer-level cameras:

ST too presented its WLC packaging and process:


  1. Hello,

    Sorry but I cannot access the presentations from your link to the materials.


  2. Their server seems to be off-line. Let's wait and see if it comes up again.

  3. Highly interesting !!!



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