Wednesday, April 28, 2010

TSMC Working on 1.19um Pixel?

Seeking Alpha TSMC Q1 2010 Earnings Call transcript mentions new pixel development activity:

Shang-Yi Chiang, SVP, R&D:

"We are working with customers on 1.19 micron pixel, and TSMC is the first one to introduce this thing called BSI technology, backside illumination. There are certain advantages if we shine light from the backside, and in this case we had to slim down the wafer to 3 microns thick. The handling, the technology, extremely difficult. We already shipped products using this BSI technology in 8-inch wafers and we are working on 12-inch wafers right now."

Omnivision reported earlier that it's working on 1.1um pixel. So, who is this customer designing 1.19um pixels? Shang-Yi used to be Visera chairman for 3 years or so, it's hard to believe that he made a mistake with pixel size.

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