Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Apple to Use Sony Sensors in 2011 iPhone?

TheStreet quotes Rodman Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar saying that Apple has picked Sony's 8MP sensor for the 2011 iPhone. The move would displace OmniVision, Apple's current camera supplier to the iPhone. Since last year, OmniVision has been Apple's exclusive camera chip supplier to the iPhone. OmniVision is expected to supply a 5MP camera for the upcoming version of the iPhone due out this summer, said Kumar.

MacRumors notes that Kumar carries a mixed record in his previous predictions.


  1. if so, Apply finally steps on right direction. a good camera is a MUST especially for a handset over $500

  2. I agree! It would be a necessary way. However, it's not only image sensor to get better performance for over $500, but also smart and quick operation and suitable lens. A lens cover to protect from finger prints would be greater. This senor is BSI? I 'm looking forward to see you!

  3. The iPhone will get an 8 MP camera in 2011 alright, but I'm told the Sony part of the story is not true.
    Watch the rush to 8MP that takes place from now on.
    I hope the phone makers finally get a good camera in the products, I would pay the extra few bucks to have the camera quality issue over with.

  4. Apple is with OVT. The next sensor will be OVT. No source provided.

  5. there are apple documents circulating that indicate the iphone due out this year will have a 5mp from omnivision, and the iphone due out in 2011 will have a sony 8mp. i don't think there is any question about this being accurate. i am pleased with the move up to sony since i like their products much better than omnivision's.

  6. well, when you take the picture under low lux, Nokia 6730 has better preview & pictures than my iphone 3gs...
    I was laughed by my colleagues at Shenzhen... :(


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